The water bottles

I put the water bottles above the ladders to insure the three amigos could always get to water. Apricot got the hang of it straight away and we had seen Dandelion drink from it occasionally but I couldn’t get Cinnamon to get the hang of it.

Cinnamon always drank from the water dish as if she was really thirsty whereas the other two didn’t. I tried to teach Cinnamon how to use the water bottle.

I held her with her beak to the nozzle while I tapped it to release a droplet but she just didn’t get it. I tried putting her next to another girl drinking from it but again she didn’t get it.

Today I decided that I would remove the water bottles and hey presto! For the first time Cinnamon was drinking from the bottle.

Cinnamon drinks from the water bottle.

Cinnamon drinks from the water bottle.

Who would have thought it! The day I was going to remove it she finally got the hang of it. I have now decided the water bottles can stay. It will give me peace of mind that if we are out on a hot day she will always be able to get to water.

She is the slowest to cotton on to anything new but she got there in the end. Well done Cinnamon!

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2 Responses to The water bottles

  1. Marion Pharo says:

    Just like people, some learn fast, others take longer.

    • I think you are right. Cinnamon is such a little cutie, she is so tiny, she digs the deepest of dust holes but she does seem to have a tiny chicken brain to match her size, bless her.

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