Emerald is moulting

Emerald is dropping feathers all around the run. There are lots of feathers under her roost spot each morning.

Emerald’s feathers under her roost spot

Emerald’s feathers

Her under feathers, the one on the left, now have a lot of white on them. Her outer feathers, the one in the middle and on the right, are black with an emerald (hence her name) and purple sheen.

As she is getting older her under feathers are more streaked with white. I think it is like us getting grey hair as we age. Emerald has more white streaks on her feathers each year. I find this quite interesting.

Emerald is starting to look a bit tatty


She is still a beautiful girl.

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6 Responses to Emerald is moulting

  1. Marion Pharo says:

    Yes she is a fine looking girl.

  2. Amy Sanchez says:

    She is SUCH a beautiful girl. I love how glossy jet black w/ the green sheen they are when they finish molting and all their feathers are new.

  3. David Anderson says:

    Her comb looks a good colour; hope it won’t be too much of an ordeal for her. No one moulting here yet – although Blackie, one of my silkies, cast her neck feathers a couple of weeks ago, but has since laid a few eggs and is now broody again. Have 5 in the anti-broody crate and 3 more broody, but not enough room to add them!

    • I am surprised and pleased that her comb is still a good red colour. Oh my goodness! what a lot of broodies to deal with. I am glad to be broodie free at the moment but I guess it’s just a case of time. I feel for you.

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