I think Freckles may be getting ready to start laying again. Her comb is bigger and redder and she is more vocal than she has been but most of all today when I came up behind her she dropped into a squat.

Last year she started squatting about a week or so before she started laying. I looked back and she started laying on the first of March. It is forecast to get really cold again in the coming week so that may delay her for a bit but it’s encouraging to see her squatting as it means all is well with her.

Freckles has just started squatting again

See how big and red her comb is. It’s difficult to take a photo with one hand while stroking her with the other and she had just squatted for me but was just rising back up as I clicked. You can get the gist though. This makes me happy because it means she is healthy.

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6 Responses to Freckles

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Looking good.

  2. David says:

    Really good news – says a lot about her overall condition.

  3. Kevin says:

    Great reassurance that all is well. Our three big ones all squat for us, Snowy the silkie never has though which I often wonder why!

    • That’s funny because Apricot, who is silky feathered, never squats either. Last year I knew the straight feathered girls were about to lay when they squatted but I tried putting my hand over Apricot’s back and she never took any notice. Next minute she was laying. I thought perhaps it was to do with her friendliness. It may depend on the type of chicken perhaps.

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