Making improvements in the garden

I know I have said this quite often recently but the pulmonaria has taken over our garden so we are buying new plants then digging a clump out and replacing  it with the new plants.

This is the girls’ view of the garden. Notice the sea of pulmonaria in the background.

Cinnamon in front of a mass of pulmonaria

There have also been a few casualties of the harsh winter that we have had. When we first set up the chicken run we slightly extended the chicken’s patio area with some spare paving slabs that had been left in the garden. To do this we had to dig out a huge mature heather.

We transplanted the heather behind our cabin (work kitchen) between the windows where we needed something low that wouldn’t block the windows. It has never flowered much since it’s been there as it doesn’t get enough sun but it provided a patch of green.

This winter it turned an autumnal red/brown colour and stayed that way when spring came. As heather should be in flower at this time of the year we assumed that it had died and at the very least it wasn’t looking attractive.

This heather looks dead

While shopping for plants for the rest of the garden we chose a low growing evergreen to take it’s place. It’s actually a lovely blue colour.

New planting

We also added a smaller heather beside it which had out grown one of our pots. Hopefully these will spread to fill this space and will be happier here than the original heather was. I think this is an improvement.

We intend to keep adding something new to the garden each month until we get it back to the cottage garden we originally intended it to be.

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4 Responses to Making improvements in the garden

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Lovely garden.

    • Carol says:

      It will be even more lovely with some new plants. We haven’t actually done much with the planting in recent years, it’s been all about the path and the fence so the actual plants got a bit neglected so we have said that we don’t mind spending a bit on new plants this year.

  2. Our pulmonaria is self seeding like mad. I don’t envy you. It is lovely though. You probably have, but have you considered stuff like Alliums for the cottage garden look? My fave 🙂

  3. Carol says:

    I like pulmonaria but it does self seed like crazy. We have alliums too which I also love.

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