I really want new girls

The first lily in our garden is opening up

I didn’t have a photo for this post so thought I would show the first of my bargain lilies just starting to flower in the sunshine.

I called my breeder at the weekend to see how he is getting on. He said to call every month and I left it five weeks so as not to hassle him too soon.

I was very disappointed to hear that he has no eggs hatched at all. I am thinking that I need to start researching to see if I can find another breeder. Starting from scratch it could be a long time until my breeder has girls to sell.

He previously had two trios so I assume that he has the same. A trio is two hens and one cockerel which is usual for breeding.

A proportion of eggs laid will not be viable, possibly not fertilised. A proportion of any chicks that do hatch will turn out to be cockerels. A proportion of those being silky feathered, which is what I would like, could be very small.

It could take a year to have enough girls to give any choice and I would like new girls during the summer to get them used to being outside before winter.

I have found one possibility in Wokingham which is near enough to us. There is no address or telephone number so I will have to e-mail them and I am not sure if they are still in business.

We are away Thursday and Friday and out all day Saturday so I can’t do anything until after then but I think that I will set the wheels in motion by sending an e-mail. I am keeping everything crossed.

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  1. Sophie says:

    Have you tried The serama club of Great Britain – they will give you names of breeders near you and they hopefully will be free from disease. xx

    • Carol says:

      No, I hadn’t heard of them. This feels like a few years ago when we were looking for breeders near me. Dave took a year off breeding last year and sold all his stock which is why he is having to start from scratch again which will be a very long process. xx

  2. David says:

    There are also some websites which might be of some use: preloved.com and pets4homes.com. Sophie has given a really useful contact; I have the details in the ‘Associations’ section of Practical Poultry – if you want me to send you on any details, just let me know. Good luck.

    • Carol says:

      I have tried the one Sophie gave me but can’t find any information on breeders there. Maybe I have to e-mail and ask. I have e-mailed wokingham but it says they take three days to reply. Any information you have will be gratefully received.

  3. David says:

    I suspect you’ve been on the website; the Acting Secretary of the Serama Club is Jayne Gillam, telephone 01943 830923. I think that they’ll give you breeder information. Poultry shows, too, often have birds for sale – an internet search for those close by you might yield something. 🙂

  4. Sophie says:

    Just my thought Carol – I think you have a much better chance of buying healthy birds from a member of the breed club. xx

  5. marion.pharo says:

    Hope you find some soon.

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