More bits of the garden

When we were originally planting this garden we put in a couple of groups of purple alliums. For a few years they looked amazing but then the original groups just vanished. However they self seeded around the garden as singles.

Then a few years ago I read an article by Alan Titchmarsh. He said that if your leeks have gone to seed you should leave them because they would give a spectacular allium display. This year our leeks went to seed so I left them in place. Well spectacular doesn’t really describe them!

A single self seeded allium

And another one

Leeks gone to seed

Hardly spectacular. They remind me of wild garlic.


The chives give a better display. I grew these from seed and they multiply each year.

Single white rose

Rose over the cabin

Adding colour to the chimney

This chimney pot had a grass in it which I liked because of it’s spiky shape but it had been here too long and was looking drab and tired. My husband said that he would like to see some colour here for a change so we bought this pot and just dropped it in and it’s a perfect fit.  It gives an instant pop of colour and it’s only just getting started. I may photograph this again later in the year.

I love watching the patches of colour develop throughout the garden at this time of year.

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2 Responses to More bits of the garden

  1. marion says:

    Such a lovely splash of colours.

  2. Carol says:

    It is lovely to have a splash of colour, the best time of year I think.

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