Smoke is broody again

Smoke has laid nine eggs in fourteen days and then she went broody again. Ebony is now our only girl left laying. Smoke only ever seems to lay for two weeks before going broody. It seems so late in the year to be broody.

Broody Smoke

A familiar sight. I doubt if Smoke will lay again this year. Sigh!

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4 Responses to Smoke is broody again

  1. Sophie says:

    Oh dear!! xx

  2. david says:

    I have 3 broody still, so eggs have plummeted in general – one only per day for several days, then 4 today – but still none from either Speckles or Sprinkles. Fewer feathers than a week ago, with some almost through, but others looking really rough.

    • Carol says:

      Oh dear, I am not alone this late in the year then! I am getting one egg from Ebony, two days, out of three. Maybe Speckles and Sprinkles will wait until spring. I am getting fewer feathers now too.

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