And now for something completely different

It’s difficult when we have new girls not to post about them every day. They grow up and change so quickly.

But my husband picked me these from the allotment yesterday and I thought they were so beautiful.

A selection of flowers from the allotment plot

We also have a bumper crop of chillies from our two plants in pots on our patio. We have tried them and they are mega hot. Too hot to be manageable.

I was going to freeze them but realised that they would still be too hot to use. One of our allotment sharers suggested drying them so I googled it.

You can string them up or put them on a rack in the sun or in the oven on a very low heat. I decided that as we have sun at the moment that I would try that method.

Our chillies drying in the sun

The great thing about drying them is that you can use them three ways. You can grind them up to make chilly powder or you can use them as they are like sun dried tomatoes or you can re hydrate them in water.

I haven’t done this before so it’s experimental and I will report back at a later date. They do look pretty in the sun.

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6 Responses to And now for something completely different

  1. jenn says:

    Beautiful flowers! I have a bunch of those nasty little chilis. They are very pretty when they are red, but they pack a horrendous punch! Too hot for us! -Jenn

    • Carol says:

      I only tried a tiny bit and it nearly blew my head off. I am thinking that if I grind them to a powder I could use it in very small amounts in chilly. Also I thought it best to do it now before they all turn red although I am not sure that the green ones are any less hot.

  2. marion says:

    Your flowers are lovely, you have so much choice of produce from your allotment,
    We grew some of thoes chillies once, we had them in the freezer for about 2 years
    as you only need such a little, but they were good, even after all that time.

    • Carol says:

      The flowers at the allotment are even better this year as we have some on both plots and more variety. We are still getting loads of produce. We are making coleslaw from the carrot and cabbage. We are now getting loads of tomatoes and I am cooking with them instead of tin tomatoes to use them. I am not buying any veg at all and still getting some raspberries which are so lovely.

  3. david says:

    Lovely flowers, indeed. Really healthy-looking chillies; my sons and I love hot and spicy, but my wife does not – that is why the boys say her chilli-con-carne is like bolognese with kidney beans!

    Am working on a update of my flock and situation, which I’ll email to you when finished.

    • Carol says:

      I think they are the most pretty flowers yet. We like spicy but I can’t cope with mega hot and these chillies are. I think if I grind them to powder then I can experiment with the heat and get it to the amount I can take.

      I will look forward to your update. I have wondered how your chicks were doing. I nearly e-mailed you but didn’t want to rush you.

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