The history of the flock part three

The flock has evolved from big girls to big girls and bantams to bantams and seramas. In future I only see myself adding seramas to the flock so I thought it was time to start a new “history of the flock”.

Our flock of five

From left to right we have Speckles and Emerald and then Dandelion, Freckles and Cinnamon.

The flock felt very small and I really wanted to add some new girls. It took me a while to find a breeder that had some girls for sale.

On 20th May 2018 we bought home three, two month old, serama chicks to take our flock of five to a flock of eight. They were two silkie feathered and one frizzle feathered. Going with my on going descriptive theme for names I have named the Frizzle Blue and the silkies Lemon and Jasmine.

They were so tiny that I had to buy a hamster cage for them. I thought it would be good to show of a photo of them during the first few days to show how tiny they were and then update as they grow.

Our three new chicks at two months old

Lemon, Jasmine and Blue

They were constantly feeding and were growing very quickly.

The chicks at three months old at bedtime

In this photo I was trying to teach the chicks to perch at bedtime. I also decided on a name change. I had named them for their colour but Lemon on the right of the photo no longer had any lemon colour and her feathers had changed to rust/gold. I changed her name to Sienna as I felt it suited her better.

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