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Trying to get the chicks perching at bedtime

I am surprised that this is proving so difficult because the chicks now love to perch during the day. They use the perch by the hatch and both perches in the wooden shelter. They are often hanging out together on … Continue reading

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A change of name

Dandelion is continuing to do okay however I am aware that it may just be a reprieve for her. If she didn’t lay until next spring she would have a good chance of healing but if like Rusty she lays … Continue reading

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Update on Dandelion and the chicks

Last night Dandelion put herself to bed early so I brought her indoors and cleaned her up. I put her prolapse back in with honey once more and then returned her to her roost spot. I hoped that if she … Continue reading

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Dandelion isn’t looking good

Last night once all the girls were in the chicken shed and the automatic door had closed I placed Dandelion on her roost spot. I was surprised to find an egg in the cat box. This morning she was last … Continue reading

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Dandelion has a problem

Cinnamon has now laid two eggs since her break but Dandelion has a problem. She laid her first egg after her break with no trouble. Two days later she sat in the nest box for a couple of hours and … Continue reading

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After four soft shelled eggs Freckles has stopped laying again which is a good thing. Hopefully a break will sort her out. At the same time Cinnamon and Dandelion have started laying again so that is good news. Emerald and … Continue reading

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I misidentified the caterpillar in our garden

I recently did a post about an unusual caterpillar in our garden. I put a description into google and came up with Eastern black swallowtail. The caterpillar looked very similar and this was the only result that came up so … Continue reading

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The chicken’s dandelion strip

Even the girl’s dandelion strip is looking good at the moment. I decided to add some self seeded plants last year to bring a bit of colour to their patch. The self seeded antirrhinums (commonly known as snap dragons) are … Continue reading

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Freckles latest egg

Freckles laid her fourth, soft shelled egg, yesterday. She has been laying every other day and as before looked unhappy and took herself off to bed early once more. When I went to check a bit later her egg was … Continue reading

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Our rose is at it’s peak

I think that our rose is better than ever this year. It is absolutely laden with blooms. I think the garden is at it’s loveliest at the moment. I love spending time in the garden.

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