A wealth of runner beans

We have been bringing produce home from the allotment most days. At the moment though the most prolific produce is runner beans.

A day’s harvest of runner beans

Every visit we bring home this many runner beans and that still leaves loads more to be picked by the two families that we share the plot with.

Some of the beans are more than a foot long

I prefer to pick them smaller than this but some get to this size so quickly.

A pan of beans ready to cook

I have cooked them and divided them into portions for the freezer. Some people don’t like beans when they have been frozen. I cook them just as I like to eat them and freeze them in portions that are enough for the two of us.

When I take them out of the freezer I put them in a small oven dish and cover them in foil. I then put them in the oven, along side of whatever I have cooking in the oven, for the last fifteen minutes of cooking time.

I find that they are just the same this way as if they have just been cooked. We have also been giving our next door neighbours some too. There are plenty to go round.

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4 Responses to A wealth of runner beans

  1. marion says:

    Very nice.

    • Carol says:

      They are the best runner beans we have ever had. They are a string less variety but as they are getting so big so quickly I am still stringing them as I don’t like any tough bits. This means that they are so tender.

  2. david says:

    Beautiful produce.

    • Carol says:

      We are getting so much produce from the allotment that I am just buying meat or fish for our meals. Our neighbour is enjoying it too.

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