Getting through the moult

Marmite and Flame are beginning to look back to normal after their moult. Marmite is now all feathered up except for still having loads of pins on her head making her head look white.

Flame is just about feathered up with just a few pins on her neck.

Marmite still has white pins on her head

Flame has pins on this side of her neck

This side of Flame’s neck has feathered up

It is so good not to be picking up loads of feathers and also to see these two girls almost back to their forma glory.

In other news, Smoke came out of her broody spell after only five days. This is very brief for Smoke. I think the colder weather probably brought her out of it.

Marmte was being very vocal yesterday and looking in the nest box. Later in the afternoon she gave the shout out and there was her egg in the nest box. Well done Marmite!

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6 Responses to Getting through the moult

  1. Sophie says:

    Oh well done Marmite and I hope Salmon is continuing to improve? xx

  2. Carol says:

    Today is day seven of the baytril and I thought she had stopped wheezing but I heard her wheeze again today. This is disappointing and I am not sure what to do next. xx

  3. david says:

    Nice that someone is laying again! I have been really willing Salmon to improve. 2 eggs only here today – both marans, Milly, who has not yet started to moult and Mulan, who is well through but not yet finished.

    • Carol says:

      I was surprised when Marmite laid an egg because she has so many pins on her head. Pins on their heads don’t seem to effect them like feathers dropping elsewhere.

      I really hoped Salmon was through this and then heard her wheeze again today. I really don’t have much faith in baytril. I think that tylan is much better.

  4. mmarion says:

    Nice to hear the girls have come out of their moult, and start getting eggs again.

    • Carol says:

      Just one from Marmite so far but it’s a start. I think that as Smoke was only broody for five days this time she may start laying again soon as well and then we have Ebony laying too.

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