A lovely vet

I took Salmon to the new vet at half past five this evening. Salmon was so stressed once I had put her in the cat box that I started to worry I might lose her. She was panting with her beak open and wheezing more than ever.

The vet was really lovely. It had already been put on my notes that I had mycoplasma in my flock and that I needed tylan. She took Salmon out of the cat box and weighed her and said that that was all she was going to do as she didn’t want to stress her more. She said her weight was right for her size and she could see a couple of poops in the cat box so that was fine. She could hear her wheezing and she could see that I was used to this and on to it.

She said that wheezing and sneezing can only be myco and the only thing that treats it properly is tylan. She said they no longer recommend baytril as it only suppresses symptoms and doesn’t get rid of it.

I said that I thought moulting along with colder weather was the stress to bring this out again and she said that moulting knocks their immune system and because they are so tiny they are more vulnerable.

She said that as I have a closed flock the right thing to do is to treat and make sure my girls have quality of life. I said that if they were suffering I would have them put to sleep but that tylan usually got them well again.

I said that I had been treating every winter and had just discovered how close to me this practice was. I had taken in my empty tylan bottle and she said she would order the same and whenever I needed more they would supply me with it. She said that it will be in by Monday and to keep using the baytril that I have until then.

She said that this could come into a flock at any time through the wild birds and then you are stuck with it and you just have to be vigilant and to treat it. I could have hugged her. What a difference!

As soon as I got Salmon home I gave her a dose of baytril and returned her to the run and straight away she bounced back and was herself again. I am feeling so relieved and so happy with this vet. If only I had done this sooner but hind sight is a wonderful thing.

Maybe now my flock can get back to being a well and happy flock and that makes me happy.

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6 Responses to A lovely vet

  1. Sophie says:

    Absolutely thrilled Carol! Thank God – a vet that actually cares! xx

    • Carol says:

      I couldn’t believe the difference and wished I had changed earlier. The thing was all the vets were lovely at my practise except this one vet and I wasn’t sure it would be different elsewhere. I am so glad I tried this and now wish I had earlier. What is done is done and I can only move on and see how this goes but I am feeling so much happier now. xx

  2. marion says:

    So pleased, It must have been heart breaking when a vet would not help you.
    Pleased you have found one who will. Let us hope now you will be able to see them all safely through the winter.

  3. david says:

    Fantastic, Carol – I couldn’t be more pleased for you. As well as being a people person, this vet certainly seems tto know her stuff. Sorry for late response – have been away for a week, without internet!

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