A fish treat for the girls

As the girls are still growing their new feathers I thought a protein treat of fish would be good for them.

A fish treat for the girls

The girls enjoy their treat

A group shot of the flock

It’s easier to get a group shot now there are only seven girls. The girls have been having tylan in the water for two and a half weeks now. I am going to keep them on it for three weeks as Salmon still has a slight wheeze although it has improved.

It concerns me that it is taking so long for Salmon to stop wheezing altogether and I worry that I may still lose her yet. Apart from the wheeze she looks normal and is active, doing all the usual chicken things and eating well.

I dread the thought of losing any more girls but there is nothing else I can do for them. I just have to hope that Salmon can shake this off. I am keeping everything crossed.

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6 Responses to A fish treat for the girls

  1. marion says:

    They look like they are all enjoying their treat.Hope Salmom gets better soon.

  2. Sophie says:

    Lucky chickens! Come on Salmon! xx

  3. david says:

    Fingers crossed for Salmon, and for you! On another note, Speckles’ plumage looks stunning.

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