A rare moment of sunshine before the next storm

We have had relentless rain this winter. We have just had one storm recently and another is forecast at the weekend. The crocus have been up for ages but just haven’t opened until today when we had a rare spell of sunshine.

The crocus opened in a rare moment of sunshine
Our giant snowdrops

These extra large snowdrops always flower later than the smaller snowdrops. It was so lovely to see the crocus open at last.

We have the next storm coming at the weekend but one sunny afternoon was just lovely for the garden and for the chickens perching on the branch perch above the ladder which catches the sun.

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4 Responses to A rare moment of sunshine before the next storm

  1. marion says:

    Such a shame, all our lovely spring flowers are having a very hard time, but every now and then the sun comes out, and they make you feel happy to see them.

    • Carol says:

      I kept looking at the closed crocus and thinking that it was a shame then the sun came out and they opened and I just had to grab my camera. They are so lovely when they open.

  2. david says:

    Crocuses just starting to open here; your snowdrops are beautiful.

    • Carol says:

      I am glad I captured that moment for the crocus because today they have been completely battered by the wind and rain. The snowdrops are amazing though. We have three different types and they all look great.

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