The jigsaw I gave up on

I have done a lot of jigsaw puzzles since the beginning of lock-down. Some I have really enjoyed and found quite addictive. Some have been really difficult and I struggled but didn’t give up. These were the ones with lots of sea or sky or both. I had to sort the puzzle pieces by shape rather than colour. They were lent to us so not of our choosing.

The best ones have lots of detail and colour and sometimes I can’t resist fitting a piece each time I pass by. A jigsaw usually takes me between one and two weeks to complete.

Having run out of jigsaws I bought two when our local charity shop opened up again and have been saving them for when the weather isn’t good enough to be outside.

I have now learned a lesson about choosing jigsaws. Don’t choose jigsaws that are of paintings. They need to be either photographs or drawings such as the humorous cartoon ones we did earlier in the year.

For the first time I have had to give up on a jigsaw and I don’t give up easily. This one was out on the table for two weeks and I just couldn’t get going anywhere with it.

This was as far as I could get
This was the picture

I thought it was pretty. I realise now that it is so hard to do because it is so fuzzy. I completed the outside on the first day and after two weeks The few bits inside were all I managed to fit together. I just could not get started anywhere and had to admit defeat and put it back in the box.

I have now started the jigsaw that I bought at the same time as this one. Unfortunately it is also of a painting. It isn’t as fuzzy as this one but it still has a lot of subtle changes in colour and has no hard lines.

I have been doing it for three days and after starting quite well I have now ground to a halt. I feel I probably could complete it but I am not sure that I want to.

Can I get further than this!
This is the picture

I will leave it on the table for a few more days but if I can’t get going with it I will give up again. Jigsaws should be fun and enjoyable not an endurance test.

I will never ever buy a jigsaw of a painting again. It has been a lesson learned.

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6 Responses to The jigsaw I gave up on

  1. Jenny says:

    How annoying. If you want a very difficult but beautiful jigsaw I can recommend Angela Harding ones.

    • Carol says:

      The annoying thing is that I actually bought these myself so have only myself to blame! Most of the jigsaws we have done have been Christmas presents and were really good or have been loaned/exchanged by friends and neighbours plus a couple I bought from a charity shop as lock-down was looming. At least now I know not to buy ones of paintings. I will look out for Angela Harding ones.

  2. marion says:

    Such a lovely picture of the cottage garden, if i saw that i would think it would be easy enough for me to do, some are so decieving. I had two i had to give up on, over the lock down period.The two i am sending you are very colourful.

    • Carol says:

      I was deceived by how pretty it was. I have now decided to give up on the latest one too. The part that I have fitted is the only bit of colour in the painting and all the rest is shades of white and sand. It isn’t enjoyable so today I am putting it back in the box. I will look forward to the ones you are sending me. I know that if you enjoyed them I will too.

  3. Jackie says:

    I have just finished a jigsaw of the Isle of Wight as it used to be , but the jigsaw above was a picture on the wall I once saw in a hotel where I worked it was in the Bridal suite x

    • Carol says:

      Did you forget to add the link as I can’t see your picture. At the opposite end of the jigsaw I gave up on, my mum send me two jigsaws. I got the outside edge in the day before yesterday and I finished the jigsaw yesterday. It was a small one but so addictive that I couldn’t leave it alone. It was a fun one to do.

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