Before I update on chicken progress I just have to put out one photo of the next rose.

Another rose

This rose was already here when we moved in fifteen years ago but was hidden behind shrubs. Since we gave it room it has spread and it flowers from now until the first frosts.

Group photo

I thought it would be good to get a group photo while the girls had their greens this morning. They are such a pretty flock.

Flame had seemed completely back to normal since her first eye drops at the vet on Thursday and we were thinking we might stop giving them to her.

Then today for the first time since her vet visit she had her right eye closed this afternoon so we have decided to carry on with them. I have just checked on her again and her eye is open but we will keep going for longer and keep watching her closely.

In other news Sugar laid an egg yesterday for the first time since her latest broody spell and as usual for her it was two weeks after I broke her out of her broodiness.

Spangle only laid five eggs this year before she stopped and had a partial moult. It’s now six weeks since she last laid.

Salmon hasn’t started to lay this year but she looks really amazing with a lovely red face and comb. I am quite happy to have her never lay again as long as she stays healthy.

Dot laid four eggs each one four days apart and then stopped and hasn’t laid for two weeks now. She has been moulting too. I think perhaps because she matured at the end of last year she has started an early moult and may resume laying when she stops dropping feathers.

Flame, Gold, Snowflake and Storm are all laying well. With Sugar back in lay we now have five out of eight girls laying and yesterday had a five egg day.

We have now had enough eggs to give some to our neighbours on either side of us and still plenty for us to have them as often as we want. Well done girls!

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8 Responses to Updates

  1. Sophie says:

    Lovely rose! I hope Flame continues to improve and you do indeed have a lovely flock! xx

    • Carol says:

      This was the rose that I thought you may have been thinking of in your last rose comment but on further googling I am not sure now. It was disappointing to see Flame’s eye shut sometimes this afternoon but perhaps I was expecting too much. I do think they are a lovely varied flock. xx

  2. Sophie says:

    No, it was definitely your other one – I think it is very similar xx

    • Carol says:

      I’ve tried to find out what this one is but nothing conclusive. The blooms are very small on this one, much smaller than the other rose, about the size of a pound coin xx

  3. David says:

    Pleased that Flame seems almost back to normal. I am starting to pick up feathers, so the moult for the early birds is certainly in the near future.

    • Carol says:

      Definitely some early moulting going on here as I am picking up feathers especially Dots. I thought Flame was having a set back as she was in the corner of the shed all yesterday afternoon and sometimes with her eyes shut. At first I thought she was going to lay. She was back in the corner of the shed all morning but had her eyes open. I lifted her to see if she had laid and she was sitting on Storm’s little egg. I closed the nest boxes and shed as the laying girls had all laid and she had a dust bath, water, pellets, greens and a peck at apple then spent a while preening. Then she was sat on top of the nest box so I opened up again and she returned to the corner of the chicken shed. It seems she is broody again!

  4. Marion Pharo says:

    Glad to hear Flames eye is getting better again, best to be safe and carry on with them a bit longer. Your rose is beautiful.

    • Carol says:

      Flame is now broody but at least it means it’s easy to pick her up as she spends most of her time sitting in the corner of the chicken shed. She is keeping her eye open so I think she is on the mend now.

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