We have two broodies

There have been several times when I thought that Gold was going broody and it was a false alarm. This time though she is definitely broody.

I felt it was coming as over the past week Gold has gradually spent longer and longer in the nest box and liked to sit on her egg for a while before leaving the nest box.

Yesterday after gold had laid and I had lifted her from the nest box she kept returning. Gold was still there at the end of the day and I lifted her and perched her in the chicken shed.

Gold stayed on the perch but was back in the nest box this morning and went back to the nest box again each time I lifted her out for a break.

Gold is broody
Gold has a very ragged tail

Gold, Snowflake and Dot all have some ragged tail feathers. They will be pristine again after the end of year moult.

Gold is typical of a broody girl in that she will just sit where I put her until I move her on. She has a lovely friendly nature and is docile when lifted from the nest box.

Gold had a dust bath, food and water and then returned to the nest box. Gold is not meant to be a broody breed but I guess there are always exceptions. She has been a good layer for three months now.

Sugar also went broody again yesterday. As our serial broody Sugar has laid her regulation eight eggs before going broody. She has gone broody every eight eggs this year.

Sugar is also broody

Sugar is a bit of an angry broody. When I lift her out of the nest box she will chase away any girl who dares to come near her. She will often shout too. Luckily she is fine with me though and has never pecked me.

Oh well, we seem to be having a spell of broody girls! I should be used to it by now.

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6 Responses to We have two broodies

  1. Sophie says:

    I’m surprised about Gold but not about Sugar! xx

  2. Marion Pharo says:

    Allways happen at this time of year. Girls look very healthy.

  3. David says:

    Happy days! I have had three in broody jail for three days, let them out yesterday, delighted that they had come out of it, only to find another when I locked in last night!

    • Carol says:

      It’s definitely that time of year. I can’t believe that out of eight girls we only have two laying. I won’t be giving eggs away for a while.

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