We have reclaimed an extra strip of garden

Since my lovely husband gave our rose a hard prune in readiness for our new fence we have reclaimed an extra strip of garden. The rose used to extend out to the chicken run leaving us just the brick path next to the run to squeeze down to do any maintenance. Now we have a strip of garden beside the chicken run.

We now have extra garden

We now have extra garden

The trees in this area are all self seeded and we are leaving them to create a sort of hedge. We intend to keep the rose back on to the fence in future to keep this strip of garden so that it makes it more accessible for us to get in here and maintain the rose and the chicken run if necessary.

It is also lighter in the run for the girls. When I laid the first row of these bricks last year the rose was grabbing me and I was fighting it. Now we can walk on the brick path with ease.

It is the first time this end of the garden has been tidy as the rose was daunting to tackle. It will be interesting see what it looks like as the season progresses. I think it will be good to have it under control and to have a neat fence and more space in the garden.

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2 Responses to We have reclaimed an extra strip of garden

  1. Marion Pharo says:

    Looks good.

  2. We are pleased to have reclaimed a bit of extra garden plus it will be easier to manage.

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