Our different sized eggs

I thought about Sophie’s comment that she doesn’t know which girls lay which eggs like I do and I thought I would demonstrate how different our girls eggs are.

I know that if I get more seramas, and I would ideally like another five, that it will no longer be easy to tell the different eggs. But at the moment with just three seramas and just two bantams it is really easy.

Our different sized eggs

Dandelion’s is the tiny egg on the left, next is Freckles, bigger, round, egg then Emerald’s egg and then Speckles, larger, egg on the right. We are missing Cinnamon as she is on a break but her eggs are the same length as Freckles but are oval in shape with a much more pointed end.

I love seeing the different shapes and sizes of our girls eggs and of course they are all delicious.

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  1. marion.pharo says:

    Lovely eggs.

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