Another change of egg laying habit

I had been doing some gardening today and all the girls were watching me and waiting for any worms that I dug up.

Then I went into the run and Dandelion was missing. I thought she was probably laying her egg and I checked both nest boxes but there was sign of her. I looked in the chicken shed and she didn’t appear to be in there either. Even though I know my run is secure and there was no way that she could get out a little pang of fear still clutched at me. I kept telling myself that there was no way she could have disappeared.

I checked behind the shelters and did the rounds again of looking in the nest boxes and the chicken shed.

I looked in the chicken shed

My common sense was telling me that she must be in here somewhere and I stepped into the chicken shed.

There she is

Dandelion had chosen a different corner to lay her egg

There she was tucked into the corner behind the pop hole. I have never seen Dandelion or any of the girls choose this corner before.

Dandelion soon laid her tiny egg in this corner and Emerald and Cinnamon laid their egg in the nest boxes so we have had a three egg day today.

These girls never cease to surprise me.

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4 Responses to Another change of egg laying habit

  1. marion.pharo says:

    She looks so sweet,tucked away in the corner

  2. Carol says:

    She does. I will know in future to check this corner before I panic.

  3. David says:

    She’s made herself really comfortable.

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