A baby robin in the chicken run

Yesterday while I was in the chicken run and my husband was outside we suddenly saw a baby robin in the run. It appeared to have flown through the weld mesh but was in the corner with the perch above the hatch and didn’t appear able to find it’s way back out.

I distracted the girls to the other end of the run with some corn and opened the chicken gate. I tried to direct the baby robin towards the gate with a broom. I didn’t want to touch it as baby birds can be abandoned by their mothers if they have the smell of  a person on them.

The daft thing went straight past the open gate and headed towards the chicken shed. I stopped to take two quick photos of it just outside the pop hole.

Baby robin

Slightly closer

I didn’t want to linger as I didn’t want to frighten it. The next minute it had hopped through the pop hole and was exploring the chicken shed. It hopped about in the pine shavings and then it tried out all of the perches. It seemed to rather like it in there.

I used the broom once more to direct it out of the open shed door and once again it flew straight past the open run gate. It went back to it’s original corner but this time successfully got back through the weld mesh.

My husband saw it again today and it flew into a nearby bush so it seems none the worse for it’s little adventure.

A little later my husband saw a baby blue tit fly through the weld mesh and into the bush above the big shelter. A few minutes later it flew back out again. I can’t think why the baby birds are being attracted into the chicken run.

In other matters I am having no luck at all with finding any serama breeders. I got an e-mail back from Wokingham saying they no longer breed seramas. I now seem to remember that this was what happened last time I was looking and you have to wonder why they don’t take the site down.

I have tried the number of the acting secretary of the serama club several times and it just rings and rings with no answer and no voicemail so I am wondering if the number is no longer active.

I researched poultry shows in the Berkshire area and found details of the Bucks County Show. There is a show on 31st August and amongst a very long list of poultry and ducks there will be on show just one male and one female serama.

I have e-mailed the lady in charge with no reply. I have telephoned her and the voice mail says that there is no one there at the moment. In my e-mail I asked if she knew if the person showing seramas would be willing to sell some or if she knew of any other breeders that may sell some.

I seem to just keep coming up with dead ends. I will keep trying but to be honest I am not at all hopeful. I am feeling very disappointed at the moment. I am not quite sure what to do next but keep searching.

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7 Responses to A baby robin in the chicken run

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Sweet little robin,Hope you find some new girls soon.

  2. Carol says:

    Me too. The garden has lots of baby birds and yet I can’t find any new girls. I will keep trying.

  3. Jenny says:

    You may have to do what I’ve resorted to doing to get the breeds I would like – get an incubator and a brooder and buy in eggs!

    • Carol says:

      I couldn’t do that myself. I wouldn’t be able to cope with any cockerels. I also want to be able to choose some silky feathered girls and some different colours. I will keep researching and if the worse comes to the worse I will just have to wait for my breeder to hatch chicks but that could be a long process for him to get enough girls to give some choice to sell.

  4. Kevin says:

    Strange that the wild birds are coming in to the run!

    I know you aren’t a fan of Facebook but it might be a way to get in touch with people selling Seramas. I could post into some of the groups to see if anyone responds and get you some contact details, if you’d like?

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