Our rose is at it’s peak

I think that our rose is better than ever this year. It is absolutely laden with blooms.

Our rose has reached it’s peak

The arches are lovely

Another of the arches

And another arch

This rose is so crammed with blooms

It’s so beautiful

Looking in the other direction

I think the garden is at it’s loveliest at the moment. I love spending time in the garden.

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13 Responses to Our rose is at it’s peak

  1. marion.pharo says:

    They are lovely, maybe cutting them back last year have given them a boost.

  2. Carol says:

    There are more blooms this year than ever before and that was exactly what Richard said. I think you are right.

  3. Wonderful! Looks effortless and unplanned, despite the work that goes into it, which is always the mark of a good garden I think.

    • Carol says:

      Thank you. My husband says I should take a photo of a photo(didn’t have digital then)of the garden when we first moved in. It was empty and was all lawn. The arches were his idea and he says one of his better ideas. Did you notice I recently took a close up of an allium for you? We like the natural look and with gardens they are always a work in progress, evolving as they go along.

      • Oh do post the photo, would be interesting to see. I did see the Allium yes, just forgot to comment. Really nice variety that one, a cristophii I think. I agree about the natural look, your recent posts about hiding the edges of paths with your plants is something I really like doing myself.

        • Carol says:

          I will line that up as a future post. We do like softening any hard lines to make things look natural. I would love to know more about your garden.

          • I have a few photos of our garden (including some of our chickens!) on our Instagram feed https://www.instagram.com/littlebeesplants/

          • Carol says:

            Oh wow! Beautiful photos and lovely girls. Is it just the two girls you have?

          • I can’t reply to your latest post so replying here.

            Thanks, trying our best with two kids. We have a nice little veggie area too, which is super good fun.

            Yes just the two, we could probably have another but I think two for the space we have works well. The grey one was attacked by a neighbours dog at the weekend. She did so well to outrun it bless her. It bit her whole tail off (feathers only) and cut her skin, but she’s healing now and totally fine. She was very lucky! It was one of those massive wolf like huskie type dogs too.

  4. Sophie says:

    Absolutely beautiful Carol – do you know the name of the rose?


    • Carol says:

      It is called Paul’s hymalayan musk. Before we moved here our neighbour opposite had one and I always admired it. She then bought this one for us as a moving in present eleven years ago. It was about two feet tall but she assured us it would be fast growing. My husband installed the arches especially for it which he renewed last year. It also has a lovely scent. When we put the cabin in a year later we started training it over the roof to hide the roof. You would barely know the cabin was there now.

  5. Tree says:

    Your garden is gorgeous. My hens have eaten anything green in mine!

    • Carol says:

      Thank you. In the chicken run the only greenery that has remained is high up out of the girls pecking reach. I have never been able to keep any low level greenery now matter what I have tried. We often joke that if we let them onto their dandelion strip it would be gone in an instant!

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