Dandelion has a problem

Cinnamon has now laid two eggs since her break but Dandelion has a problem. She laid her first egg after her break with no trouble. Two days later she sat in the nest box for a couple of hours and came out not having laid.

The next day we noticed that she had a mucky bottom. Last night at six o’clock I cleaned her bottom. I wear disposable gloves and use cotton wool pads in warm water so that it is soft for her. It was quite difficult to get her clean and as I was cleaning her I realised she had a prolapse. This was why she had a mucky bottom.

I recognised this from Rusty last year although Dandelion’s wasn’t as bad. It was too late to call the vet so I called first thing this morning and got an appointment in the afternoon. I cleaned her up again as best I could before taking her to the vet.

After what happened with Rusty last year I wasn’t too optimistic. I was gutted that I had nurtured her through a difficult winter and had thought her egg laying problem was fixed only to find this has happened. It seemed so unfair. I resolved that I would take her once to the vet to try to fix it but wouldn’t put her through what Rusty went through last year.

I have now lost faith in my original breeder and am so pleased that I have found a new breeder with a really good reputation. Most of the girls from my original breeder have had egg laying problems. First Rusty had a prolapse last year during her second summer of egg laying.

Dandelion laid soft shelled eggs all last year and now also has a prolapse during her second summer of laying. It is unusual for girls this young to prolapse. Apricot died suddenly overnight a few months ago, also her second summer. Freckles who laid well for two years has recently laid soft shelled eggs on her third summer of egg laying.

So far all the girls have had a problem except Cinnamon (don’t jinx this!). I feel that’s a lot of bad luck and it seems that there is a weakness with egg laying from this breeder’s birds plus the fact that he hasn’t been able to hatch any himself this year. It has put me off and I will now get all future girls from my new lady.

I took Dandelion to the vet and explained to him about all the egg laying problems last year and this year. He then lifted Dandelion up to exam her vent and she had manged to get the prolapse back in. This was good news. As we watched she was pushing it out when she exerted herself or strained but was able to pull it back in when she relaxed. He said this was a very mild case of prolapse.

The vet suggested I kept Dandelion in the cat box for the rest of the day with water but no food. This would stop her needing to poop so much and while she wouldn’t be straining it would give everything a chance to settle down.

He examined her thoroughly and said she was in really good condition. He listened to her heart, felt her crop (which was full), felt her bone structure and checked her feathers. He said he was happy with her. I was relieved.

It seemed a bit harsh leaving Dandelion without food but if it will help her get better it will be worth it. I intend to put her on her roost spot at bedtime. Last night she slept in the shavings under her roost spot so she must have been feeling really poorly.

Dandelion in the cat box

She was not at all happy to be confined in here and with no food either. I was writing this post at six o’clock and could see her in the cat box in our bathroom. She suddenly made a bid for an escape and tried to force her head through the grill of the cat box while flapping her wings madly.

This was too distressing. I took her out and she was pushing the prolapse out again. I cleaned her again and gently pushed it back in with a finger like the vet had shown me. I then used a syringe to put some water in her beak as I hadn’t seen her go to the water.

I then covered the cat box with a towel. I have read that if you put them in darkness they will sleep as if it’s night time. I am hoping that this time plus overnight will be enough to help the prolapse settle back in. Once again only time will tell.

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4 Responses to Dandelion has a problem

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Such a shame So sorry to hear this again, Let us hope you have caught it in time,
    and she will get through this. It seems odd, that two has had this problem, I think you are right, not to get any more, from that breeder. Hoping for better news soon.

    • Carol says:

      I will do a follow up post today. She surprised me with an egg when I put her on her roost but this morning is mucky and has pushed it out again. I am going to try honey next like I did with Rusty. Not sure long term how this will turn out though.

  2. Sophie says:

    Just read this Carol – I do hope Dandelion will be ok!. xx

    • Carol says:

      Me too. I will keep putting the prolapse back in and try to keep her going but if it keeps recurring I am too optimistic. I feel heart sick at getting her through so much to now end up with this problem. She had been looking the best she has ever looked before this happened.

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