The chicken shed

I have mentioned before of our efforts to stop any damp coming in to the chicken shed. It’s not a problem at the moment of course while it is hot and dry but that is also the ideal time to try to do something about it.

My husband has been trying to come up with ideas to solve the problem. The problem is that the corner of the chicken shed is flanked by our back wall and next door’s fence and therefore gets no sun. When it rains the water sits there and it seems that the wood at the bottom of the chicken shed sucks up the water. This leaves a damp patch inside in that corner. As it is beneath the deep layer of shavings it’s not a problem to the girls but our worry is that the wood may rot and become a week spot.

My husband decided to paint the chicken shed with a product called – fence life plus. It offers five year protection. The wood colours were named medium and dark oak, I would say orange or chocolate brown, neither of which appealed to me. We decided to look at colours instead and I chose sage which was quite a subtle, pastel, colour.

My husband also drilled some more soak away holes in the concrete and decided to paint the concrete with garage floor paint. For this we chose a colour called slate. He hopes all these measures will help the water run off rather than sit there and soak up through the wood.

Starting to paint the chicken shed

Top board to test colour and then the side first.

Giving it a second coat

The chicken shed has now had four coats

The concrete is painted with garage floor paint

I will be fixing the weld mesh back to the bottom couple of feet of the shed for extra protection.

Now it’s a case of wait and see next time we have heavy rain if it works. Hopefully it’s got to help.

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  2. Sophie says:

    Really nice colour! 🙂 xx

  3. David says:

    You’ve certainly given a lot of protection.

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