The new girls try some yogurt

The game girls have very quickly got used to the treats are keen to try anything new whereas the chicks are still wary of treats. I decided to see how some yogurt would go down.

Some yogurt for the girls

Ebony was first to try it as usual and she obviously liked it.

The game girls like the yogurt

Flame soon joined in and she liked it too.

Flame has spots of yogurt on her head

I wondered how Flame had got so many dots of yogurt on her head. A moment later I found out. Speckles, with a yogurt beak, pecked her on the back of the head leaving another dot of yogurt on her head.

I put another dish in the run to see if the chicks would be brave enough to try some.

The chicks stretch their necks towards the yogurt

They inspect it at a safe distance

They take a closer look

They just weren’t brave enough to actually try some but later when the other girls had left the patio they tried some of the splashes on the patio.

They peck at dots of yogurt on the patio

I put one of the dishes at their favourite feeding station at the far end of the run. When I went back later that afternoon they had finally plucked up the courage to peck it from the dish. I think next time I give the girls yogurt the chicks will know what to do.

It takes a long time for the chicks to get enough courage to try anything new.

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4 Responses to The new girls try some yogurt

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Nice to see them enjoying their treat.

  2. Tree says:

    Your chicks are so cute.
    All my girls love yogurt too and are far less polite than your ladies! It’s just a mad bundle! Last time there was yogurt halfway up the shed!!

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