Eggs are coming thick and fast

Both Ebony and Flame are now laying eggs two days in a row then missing a day and then two days in a row again. I can’t believe what good layers they are. Dandelion has also laid two days running which is very unusual for her. Speckles has laid her second egg, since starting to lay again, four days after her last one which is usual for her.

Two days of eggs

From right to left in the order that they were laid we have Dandelion’s tiny egg followed by Ebony and Flame, then the next day we have, Ebony and Flame¬†and then Speckles huge egg followed by Dandelion’s tiny egg.

Cinnamon is on a broody break from egg laying at the moment. This means we have had four out of five girls’ eggs in one day which is quite amazing.

The game girls have looked stressed in the recent heat with a lot of beak panting. They have been very noisy at times too. I had been giving frozen peas in the afternoon which  helps to cool them down.

Then at last we had a cooler day on Saturday and they were quiet and calm. On Sunday we had some, longed for, rain. It rained all day which is really good for the garden. Hopefully it will be a little less hot and the girls will appreciate that too.

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2 Responses to Eggs are coming thick and fast

  1. marion.pharo says:

    Lovely show of eggs.
    How nice to get some cooler weather, Did not get much rain, but what little we did was great. Hear the hot weather is coming back this weekend.

    • Carol says:

      We are having a meal with eggs tonight to use some of them up. The rain was very welcome but yes, the hot weather is forecast to return. We are catering a wedding on Saturday and I keep checking the temperatures and yes, it’s going to be hot. At least we have been a bit used to it lately.

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