The new girls try some mash

I am gradually getting the new girls used to all the treats. Yesterday I thought I would try them with mash for the first time. Mash is a great treat because the girls love the different texture but are eating what they are supposed to eat anyway.

As usual Ebony is quick to try something new

Flame hovers in the background

Flame is creeping nearer

Flame is going to try the mash

Flame finally tries the mash

The pattern is always the same. Ebony is a confident girl and quickly tries anything new. Flame is cautious and also lower down the pecking order so she always takes her time getting the courage to approach something new.

Once they had tried the mash they decided they liked it. Like most lower ranking girls Flame would often wait until the other girls had had their fill and then come back to the mash when the coast was clear and she could she have some in peace.

Half way through the day the smaller dish was empty. By the end of the day the other dish was empty too. I think they enjoyed the change.

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6 Responses to The new girls try some mash

  1. Sophie says:

    It’s like feeding time at the zoo when I give mine their pellet porridge a the end of the day – mostly one ends up standing in it!! :-0 xx

  2. David says:

    I love the mistrusting stance when they come across new foodstuffs – you’ve captured that perfectly in the last photo of Flame. “Stand back, girls and elongate your necks: you never know what they’re giving us now!”

    • Carol says:

      I too love the elongating of the neck as if to say that if the “treat” turns out to be a “killer treat” the neck can safely be snapped back and avoid anything harmful. As you say “you never know what they are giving us now”, best to err on the safe side. Who would have thought that we just wanted to give these girls nice things! Any new treat could be the one that may bite them.

  3. marion.pharo says:

    Nice to see them enjoying their treats.

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