Bedtime habits

The little girls are very good at going to perch in the chicken shed at bedtime. The bigger girls like to perch outside in the summer. As it has been so hot I have been leaving them out until it’s dark and cool and then I move them inside.

However we soon have two weekends running when we will be away overnight. As the forecast is still very hot I have decided to let the bigger girls sleep outside overnight on these two occasions. I need to be sure they are completely safe though.

The bigger girls used to perch here

The bigger girls now perch here

They have been perching here for the last week. I assume that they have changed to this position as it is a little bit higher. However I am less happy with this choice. I have read on forums of girls being attacked overnight when roosting up against the weld mesh. A predator could put a claw through the weld mesh and do some damage to the birds. In the dark the girls would be unable to move away.

I know there is probably a slim chance of this happening but a slim chance is too much for me to be happy with. There is a square of plastic attached to the weld mesh in the lower, right hand, corner of the photo above. It hasn’t proved useful there so I have moved it in to position behind the spot where the girls are roosting.

I will leave this in place for the nights that we are away and then remove it. It will give an extra layer of protection to safeguard the girls and will give me peace of mind.

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  1. marion.pharo says:

    It must be so much more fresher, sleeping outside.

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