Almost perching at bedtime

Last night when we checked on the girls after our evening meal several of the amigos were on the perch in their bedtime corner. Dandelion was also on this perch with them.

By the time I had gone back indoors for my camera only Smoke was still on the perch and she dropped down after I had taken the photo.

Dandelion and Smoke

I moved Dandelion to the other side with Cinnamon and the silky girls and decided to try to perch the amigos.

I got them all on to the perch and took a photo and then one by one they dropped back down and settled in a heap in the corner. They obviously know how to get on to the perch but don’t feel safe to spend the night there.

I don’t want to rush them as I feel it will be better for them to work it out for themselves when they are ready.

The amigos on the bedtime perch

I have been feeling a bit nervous about Vanilla. She has big feet, she has a red face and she has an unusual voice. She doesn’t twitter like the other amigos but honks like I imagine a baby goose would. However her comb is pale so I really hope that she is a she.

Although I wanted a black coloured serama and a blue one it was because I wanted to add variety and move away from the buff colours but Vanilla has become my favourite because I love the white with the honeycomb coloured spots. She is so pretty and I rather liked her deep and unusual voice too until I started to worry about having another boy.

I am probably over worrying after our experience with Blue but I will be happy when these girls get older and I can stop worrying about them being girls. I hope that she is just maturing and I keep telling myself that we would know by now if she was a boy. I am keeping everything crossed.

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4 Responses to Almost perching at bedtime

  1. Sophie says:

    So nice to see that Dandelion wanted to perch with the new girls – although maybe putting them off! Huge positive vibes that Vanilla is a girl! xx

    • Carol says:

      I am probably just being paranoid. I looked back at photos of Blue today and it was obvious when he was much smaller than these girls. It’s just Vanilla’s weird honking voice that is throwing me a bit.

  2. marion says:

    She looks like a girl to me. I hope i’m right.
    They do all look very colourful.

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