High spots and red faces

The five amigos definitely like high up places.

The amigos discover the top of the large shelter in front of the high nest box

They also discover the highest perch

These little girls are very flighty and love to be high up.

We got these girls three months after the silky girls so I am guessing that they are about three months old. We have had them three weeks now. I think our silky girls are about six months old.

I used to think that Jasmine may be younger than Sienna as she was smaller but they are both getting red faces at the same time so I now think that they are probably the same age.

I no longer think that Jasmine is smaller but now think that Sienna is bigger. She is the largest silky girl we have had. As well as not breeding to colour seramas also don’t breed to size and a chick can end up bigger or smaller than the parent bird as well as different in colour.

Sienna and Jasmine are getting red faces and combs

Silky girls are slower to mature than straight feathered girls. Most hens start to lay about six months but all my past silky girls have started to lay between seven and eight months.

I wonder if these two girls will start laying before winter. Last year the seramas stopped laying in December and started laying again in March. It is said that seramas can lay all year round but I think that is only if they are kept indoors during the winter. I think a lot is dependent on the weather.

I think when kept outside they stop laying during the coldest months. I have no problem with that as I think it is good for them to take a break. It will be interesting to see if the silky girls start laying this year or next year.

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4 Responses to High spots and red faces

  1. David says:

    They do look some way from starting to lay, but they are developing. Vanilla and Smoke do not look too far behind! It would be great if they kept you supplied with eggs over the winter. Almost all of mine are either broody or in the moult.

    • Carol says:

      Speckles is well and truly in the moult and Cinnamon just had one of her one day broody sessions so has stopped laying again. I am amazed that ebony and Flame are still laying most days. I have never had bigger girls lay this late into the year. I wonder if it is to do with the hot summer. The good news is that they have quietened down now and have stopped the daily shouting sessions.

  2. marion says:

    After a hot summer, let us hope we have a mild winter, with no problems.
    Glad to hear they they have quitened down now. Less for you to worry about.

    • Carol says:

      I am really hoping for a mild winter because the next thing I will worry about is getting the young ones through their first winter. I am happy that the bigger girls have quietened down. I hope it’s because they are settled in with our set up now and perhaps next summer they won’t be so noisy.

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