Sedums and plant support

I love the late summer colour our sedums bring to the garden but ours would always fall open leaving a bare centre.

In spring my husband had the idea of giving them some support. We found what he was looking for at our local garden centre and we bought two. We later realised that we really needed three and will get one more next spring but having two out of three gives me the chance to demonstrate the beauty of the plant support.

One of our sedums in April

It’s in the centre of the photo behind the hyacinth with the support just above it.

Another sedum

At the time I was photographing the spring bulbs but you can see the sedum next to them with the plant support in place ready for it to grow up through it.

The sedum from the first photograph growing through the plant support

The sedum that we missed putting in a plant support

It has flopped open leaving bare stems in the middle.

The sedum from the second photo now supported

The plant support is now invisible but the sedum has stayed together and the look is much improved. It now remains looking beautiful. Sometimes something very simple can be very effective.

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6 Responses to Sedums and plant support

  1. marion says:

    They look great, What a good Idea.

  2. Amy Sanchez says:

    Oooo, I love this. I’m going to have to try something similar for mine.

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