The second evening teaching the amigos to perch

last night I went out again after dark and moved the amigos from the back corner to the perch. This time I made sure that Salmon and Vanilla were in the middle of the group. I put Smoke and Spangle on the outsides as these two girls are the bravest girls. They are always the first to try anything new.

This strategy worked for Salmon as she stayed put. Only Vanilla jumped down and the other four stayed on the perch. Again I would close the door then a minute later take a peek in. Three times Vanilla jumped down and I replaced her back on the perch.

On the fourth time that she jumped down I opened the door to see her trying to jump back up in the dark. I helped her up and checked back a minute later to find all the girls still perched. I left it another minute then checked again and they were still all perched.

The amigos all stayed on the perch

As it was dark I guessed where to shoot a photo so it’s a bit cropped but it shows their positions. I am really pleased that on only the second night they have stayed perched.

Tonight I will change strategy slightly and try perching them a bit earlier. I will see what happens if I try to perch them when they first go in before it’s properly dark. I hope that this may help to teach them to perch by themselves.

This will be ongoing for a while but I feel certain that we will get there soon.

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4 Responses to The second evening teaching the amigos to perch

  1. Sophie says:

    Good progress! xx

  2. marion says:

    Well done girls. You will soon be there.

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