Day three of perching

Because our evening meal needed my attention I didn’t end up going out to the girls until after we had eaten. It was already quite dark and the amigos were already in their heap in the far corner of the chicken shed.

Tonight we have an easy dinner and I will go out before we eat to try to catch the amigos as  they are going in the shed.

I perched the amigos making sure that Vanilla and Salmon were not on the outside. I took a couple of photos straight away. Because it is dark I can’t see what I am photographing so I use the flash and simply point the camera in the right direction. I usually take two in quick succession in case one is blurred and then choose the best one.

It wasn’t until I had taken two photos that I realised that Spangle had jumped down. I kept both photos as I find it amusing to see how the girls are looking around.

Looking around

Where is Spangle off to?

I put Spangle back on the perch. It seems that it’s the girls on the outside that are more likely to jump down.

Vanilla was next to jump down and I replaced her on the perch. After that the girls stayed  perched.

Ready to settle for the night

The amigos are staying on the perch more quickly which isn’t bad for only night three. Tonight I will try to get them to the perch earlier. I am gradually doing this earlier each evening.

I am happy with their progress and confident that they will get the hang of it soon.

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  1. marion says:

    Doing well.

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