The bedtime routine continues

Last night I managed to get the timing right. I moved Dandelion from the amigos perch to the other side just as the amigos were about to go in. I watched them with my camera at the ready.

They perched up quite quickly but Marmite was perched on the back perch. Again I kept both photos because I find it amusing to see them looking down. I have taken numerous photos like this over years and I always wonder what they are expecting to see below them.

Marmite is on the back perch

Marmite is looking across at her flock mates

At this point it was tempting to move Marmite but I decided to leave them to it and see if she could work it out for herself.

I returned five minutes later to find that Marmite had joined the other girls. As she was at the end nearest the door she had obviously jumped down from the back and come over to the near side of the shed to jump up to the gap.

Marmite has joined her flock mates

I was glad that I had left them to it as it shows that they can work it out for themselves.

I now have a plan to sort out the Dandelion problem but it means getting the timing right. I am going to hang a bin bag over the amigos perch so that Dandelion will perch on the other side.

Once Dandelion is perched I will remove the bin bag so the amigos can perch. Last time I did this it only took two nights to train Dandelion to perch on the other side so I hope this will work again. It will then leave the amigos perch free and make it easier for them to get settled.

I don’t know why Dandelion switched back to perching on the amigos perch as she had been perching on the other side for quite some time. I hope that if I can train her back to perching there, it will mean that if she changes back again, the amigos will by then be able to cope with her being there too.

Time will tell how it will work out but I am sure it will settle eventually. As I keep saying it is a work in progress.

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2 Responses to The bedtime routine continues

  1. marion says:

    They have come a long way, looking good.

    • Carol says:

      We are getting there. Just need to get the timing right tonight and remove the bin bag when Dandelion has gone in. I will report back tomorrow. I am pleased with how it is going though.

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