Last night at bedtime

I put a bin bag over the amigos perch to deter Dandelion from perching there but it didn’t exactly work out as I planned. Dandelion perched on the back perch instead of the other side.

I moved her across to the side perch. In hind sight maybe I should have left her to see if she would move on her own. I will see what she does tonight.

I checked a bit later and the bigger girls were on the back perch and the four older, little, girls on the the side perch.

The amigos were on their perch with the exception of Marmite who was on the back perch again. I could now see that the amigos perching on the back perch wouldn’t work because Flame shuffled across the perch and pecked at Marmite until she was forced down. Marmite then made her way to the end of the perch nearest the door and jumped up.

The four older, little, girls

The bigger girls at the back

Marmite is last to join the amigos

I am sure it will work out soon. I will keep trying to train Dandelion to perch on the other side and hope that this will help the amigos to perch easier.

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  1. marion says:

    You are getting there.

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