Bedtime is sorted

We had a manic, busy, weekend so I didn’t have time to blog. A few evenings we were back after the girls bedtime and they managed to sort it out for themselves so from now on I am leaving them to it.

Sometimes Dandelion perched on the back with the bigger girls and sometimes she perched with the amigos. I really don’t mind where she perches as long as they all perch. Dandelion obviously doesn’t favour the silky girls!

This photo was from a couple of nights ago when she perched with the amigos. Last night she perched on the back with the bigger girls.

Dandelion is perched with the amigos

I think they are probably happy to have her with them because they don’t like perching on the outside. They jump all over each other trying to get a middle position whereas Dandelion is used to perching here on her own so she is not bothered by being on the outside.

From now on Dandelion can choose where she wants to perch. As long as everyone perches I am happy with that.

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4 Responses to Bedtime is sorted

  1. marion says:

    Good it is now sorted.

    • Carol says:

      I have just been up to check on them and to my surprise this time Dandelion was in the middle of the amigos. As long as they perch I don’t mind where and Dandelion is obviously happy with the amigos and them with her. It’s funny how they choose their alliances.

  2. Sophie says:

    Nice to see Dandelion with the amigos. Where is Cinnamon perching – with the silkie girls? xx

    • Carol says:

      Cinnamon perches with the silky girls. It’s funny that Dandelion chooses the amigos or the bigger girls over Cinnamon but I think she just doesn’t fit with the silky girls, I don’t why. Dandelion is very much her own girl! I think Cinnamon perches with the silky girls out of habit because she is used to being on that perch whereas Dandelion has always changed perches from time to time.

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