Dandelion’s eggs

Three weeks ago Dandelion laid a long egg. She looked a bit down for the day before she laid it but bounced back once she had laid. I have no idea why she laid such a big egg for her as she normally lays tiny eggs.

The next egg she laid was in between the bigger egg and her normal size. The following two eggs she has laid have been back to their normal tiny size and she has looked back to her normal happy self.

Dandelion is only laying two eggs a week at the moment and Cinnamon hasn’t laid for ten days. All the little girls are dropping a few feathers.

As Cinnamon hasn’t laid for a while I don’t have an egg from her as a comparison so below is Dandelion’s long egg and then I took a photo of yesterday’s tiny egg with Ebony and Flame’s egg. To my surprise these two girls are still laying almost every day.


Dandelion’s long egg is on the left, Cinnamon’s is next, then Ebony’s  and then Flame’s on the right.

Dandelion’s latest egg

On the left is Dandelion’s latest egg which is her usual size, Flame’s egg is in the middle and Ebony’s on the right. No wonder Dandelion wasn’t happy about laying the bigger egg. I am pleased that she is back to laying her tiny eggs as she looks much happier.


And here is Dandelion looking lovely. She has a lovely red face and comb. She is looking great.

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2 Responses to Dandelion’s eggs

  1. marion says:

    She is very attractive.

    • Carol says:

      She is. After I took that photo she marched off to the nest box and laid an even smaller egg. Not much bigger than a grape. I feel so lucky to have Dandelion because she has come through so much and I lost girls that seemed more robust than her. She always seemed so delicate and yet has kept bouncing back and has risen up the pecking order. No one messes with Dandelion! The bigger girls accept her perching next to them at bedtime and yet don’t accept any of the others perching next them.

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