Last night

Last night when I checked the girls at bedtime Cinnamon had joined Dandelion with the bigger girls.

The silky girls

Cinnamon joins Dandelion with the bigger girls

Ebony and Cinnamon appear to be wondering what on earth Flame is doing!

The five amigos

I sometimes wonder why the silky girls are not so popular, but in fact, they don’t get bullied or chased and they are at ease within the flock it’s just that they are not favoured. It’s lucky that have each other and they remain inseparable.

Dandelion and Cinnamon have been with Speckles the longest and as Speckles accepted Ebony and Flame as kindred bigger girls it seems that Dandelion and Cinnamon accepted them as part of their group too.

The silky girls came along a lot later than than Dandelion and Cinnamon and so are further down the pecking order and then the amigos later still so they are at the bottom of the pecking order. The odd thing is that Dandelion is happy to seek out the amigos company but not the silky girls.

I guess like us the girls have preferences as to which characters they want to spend time with. I am reluctant to say Dandelion likes or doesn’t like another girl within the flock because I know we can’t humanise the way they think or feel but it’s definitely obvious that Dandelion doesn’t favour the silky girls.

As the silky girls have each other I don’t suppose they are bothered. It is interesting that within a bigger flock these groups have their own cliques and yet as a whole they are a happy flock and get along together harmoniously.

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4 Responses to Last night

  1. Sophie says:

    Lovely to see them in their three distinct groups – even if Dandelion does move between the big girls and the amigos!! :-0 xx

    • Carol says:

      It is funny how Dandelion is the floating girl except when it comes to the silkie girls. When we first had her she used to cry if Cinnamon got out of sight from her and yet now she has grown so much in confidence that she holds her own even with the game girls. xx

  2. marion says:

    Just shows that animals have their likes and not like so much others, just the same as we do.

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