Buds opening

This plant has been in bud for three months from tight buds to almost all open. It’s been unbelievably slow.

Starting to open

These were the buds after two months.

Almost all open

These are the flowers after three months.

As open as I think it will get

I have forgotten what this is. We chose it for a bit of height and didn’t realise it would take so long to flower but late summer colour is always welcome. It has quite a delicate look about it.

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2 Responses to Buds opening

  1. marion says:

    It is very pretty, I dont think I have seen that one before.You do have some unusual plants in your garden.

    • Carol says:

      I don’t think we have seen it before now either. We bought a few things this year to fill in where we had lost things and they were on offer of so many plants for a price so were quite reasonable. The test will be to see if they are still here next year. I hope so!

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