Autumn in the garden

The weather has been amazing for October with warm days and sunshine but that is about to change. Cold weather is forecast and yesterday after a sunny morning the temperature dropped as the day went on and in the afternoon we had a hail shower just after I had taken these photos.

My husband has just cleared the veg plot ready for the winter. There is a row of leeks remaining and one patch of potatoes at the bottom left of the photo. He planted the self seeded primulas from the veg plot into little terracotta pots.

The veg plot is ready for winter

A lone, late, flower on the hosta

We have cut the others down but have left this one a bit longer to let the last flower have it’s time.

A late yellow poppy

A late echinacea flower

This shrub is still flowering


Campanula still going

A few late roses

A few fushia flowers

A late anemone

A mass of rose hips

Some red spikes

Himalayan honeysuckle


I love the way the sedum flowers get darker later into autumn but still give a lovely splash of colour.

We always try to last out without putting the heating on until November and I stay in flip flops until then too but last night we gave in and switched the heating on. This morning I put my boots on for the first time since spring.

We are only a few days early and it feels like winter is on the way. I don’t think there will be late summer flowers in the garden for much longer.

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4 Responses to Autumn in the garden

  1. marion says:

    Still quite a bit of colour, We spent a lot of time doing the garden last week, because we felt the warm days are over for another year. I also put all my plants for sale away, we said next year we would stop selling, but I have so much growing, I will have to do some,
    I just can not resist growing things.

  2. Carol says:

    I was surprised when I started taking photos how much colour there still is in the garden. Today has brought a winter feel with a bitterly cold wind. Flip flops yesterday for the last time this year and boots and coat today and still it felt cold. I think it will be difficult for you to stop selling suddenly. Maybe just do a little.

  3. Tree says:

    Your garden is still lovely. And yes hasn’t it got cold suddenly!

  4. Carol says:

    Thank you. Yes it feels like a switch has been flipped and suddenly it is winter. With the clocks going back it will also be dark early tonight. I hate it when it starts to get dark so early.

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