Autumn berries

It’s been a good year for autumn berries. I hope that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a harsh winter as, the old wives tale, goes.

Earlier in the year I photographed the three coloured berries of our climbing plant which, with a bit of research, turned out to be amur peppervine or porcelain berries. These have now all turned blue.

The pirocanthus which is growing with it has retained it’s glorious red berries.

Blue coloured berries

Amazing red berries

Blue and red berries together

These berries give us a splash of colour to look out on from our kitchen window. They are as striking as the wonderful autumn leaves that are all around at the moment. The autumnĀ  beauty is lingering this year which is lovely.

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6 Responses to Autumn berries

  1. marion says:

    The berries are a real splash of colour.

  2. Carol says:

    They are and the blue ones are so unusual.

  3. Amy Sanchez says:

    Soooo pretty. I’ll bet the wild birds love these.

    • Carol says:

      We are surprised that the birds haven’t eaten more of them. We have loads of birds visit the garden but at the moment I think there is an abundance of food for them. We have woodland behind us. I always have two fat blocks hanging from the rose arches and during the harsher parts of winter and also in spring when birds have chicks they disappear really quickly but at the moment they are hardly touched. The blackbirds do like the berries on the hymalayian honeysuckle.

  4. Sophie says:

    I really love the colours at this time of the year xx

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