Serama portraits

I am updating the serama portraits as the girls are all pretty much grown up now. I am going to do them in their pecking order from top to bottom.

There is a bit of blurring around the top position of the amigos. Smoke was firmly in top position when we first got them but Spangle and Vanilla have had little spats with Smoke as they have tried to move up the ranking. I think Smoke has retained top position with Spangle second and Vanilla third but they are so close that they could be joint top girls.

Salmon is next and Marmite remains firmly at the bottom. She is the most timid amongst her flock mates.


I always think Dandelion looks very queenly.


Cinnamon is a tiny girl with an enormous crop/breast. She remains an avid digger of the deepest dust holes.


Sienna grows to look more like Rusty every day but doesn’t have the aggression Rusty had to her underlings.


Jasmine is a sweet girl in looks and nature.


All the seramas including Marmite have yellow legs and feet but Smoke has grey legs and feet to match her feather colour. She is a beautiful colour.


Spangle is the most bold around me and therefore easy to get close ups. She has unusual markings.


I have been hand feeding spinach to Vanilla in an attempt to make her more accepting of me so that maybe she won’t peck me. She has been friendlier today and has also become easier to get close up photos of.


Salmon is so pretty and also sweet natured. She is almost as tiny as Cinnamon, in fact, she is between Cinnamon’s size and the other girls’ size.  She once jumped on to my back but hasn’t repeated it since.


Marmite is shy. She has had pins on her head since we first had her but I guess they show up more on her. She is a lovely colour too.

I think they are all such beautiful girls and I love the different colours and different characters.

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12 Responses to Serama portraits

  1. Sophie says:

    They are all stunning Carol! I especially think Jasmine is beautiful! Thank you for the update.


  2. Carol says:

    I think they are all beautiful in different ways. Sometimes I think one of them is my favourite colour then I switch to another. I like having black and blue in the flock as I have always had mostly shades of buff. They are all lovely and a good mix. xx

  3. m says:

    You have a flock of very different, Very attractive girls.

    • Carol says:

      The thing I love about seramas is that they come in so many different colours and feather types. You can have a flock of seramas and they can be all different. I love the different colours and they are also so cute.

  4. marion says:

    You have a flock of very different, very attractive girls.

  5. marion says:

    Dandelion stunning.

  6. david says:

    Lovely photos and lovely peh (hen?)portraits! Some of the youngsters don’t look too far away from starting to lay.

  7. Carol says:

    Smoke has quite a mature comb. It will be interesting to see who starts to lay first. They are looking lovely.

  8. Amy Sanchez says:

    You are making me rethink the little hens. I’ve always been a fan of the BIG fat country hens. I love scooping up a 9-10 lb hen and cuddling her in my lap. But your little ones are so darling.

  9. Carol says:

    I adore little girls. I started out with bigger girls then regular bantams then these tiny girls and I wouldn’t go back to big girls now. These little girls are just cute and adorable and so pretty. Having said that though, they don’t want a cuddle. They are friendly but on their own terms.

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