It worked!

This morning there was another heap of feathers underneath Flame’s roost spot.

This morning’s heap of feathers in the opposite corner from the night before

I am amazed that Flame doesn’t  look any different. You would think she would be bare with this amount of feathers dropping from her.

Last night I went up to the girls at 4.00pm and the automatic door had already closed. Tonight I went up several times just before and just after 4.00pm but the automatic door was still open. It must have been a brighter day than the day before.

In the end I decided to leave the girls to it as I am definitely a distraction for them. The bigger girls that had already gone in would run out again when they heard the gate opening (even though I tried to open it as quietly as I could) just in case they were missing something.

I checked again when the pop hole had closed and was really pleased to see that there were no girls outside. However there was a lot of bumping and squawking going on. I usually go in and sort it out but I decided to retreat and return a bit later to see if they could sort it out for themselves.

I thought that if they could sort themselves out it would give me peace of mind on Sunday afternoon when we are out.

When I went up the next time all was quiet. I checked in and the amigos were all on their perch. There was a slight change with the other girls. The three bigger girls were on the back perch but Dandelion, Cinnamon and the silky girls were on their old perch.

That is fine though. As long as all the girls are perched I am happy with that. I think it’s probably because with the door wedged open a bit there was more light getting to their old perch so it was probably easier to get to that than the back perch.

Cinnamon, silky girls and Dandelion were on their old perch

The bigger girls were on the back perch

Dandelion is hidden at the end of this perch

The amigos were on their perch

I am really pleased with how it went tonight. As it was only the second evening with the door wedged open they have sussed it out very quickly. Well done girls!

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4 Responses to It worked!

  1. marion says:

    That is good, more peace of mind.

  2. Carol says:

    I am so pleased it worked. As you say it will give me peace of mind on Sunday and I wasn’t sure they would get the hang of it so quickly. I will leave them to sort themselves out again tonight and then should manage it on Sunday.

  3. Sophie says:

    Well done girls! xx

  4. Carol says:

    I have to say that I felt rather proud of them! xx

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