Marmite’s second egg

Yesterday afternoon I knew that Marmite was about to lay her second egg. It was only the day after her first one but she was very vocal and then after trying out all the nest boxes she settled herself in the middle one.

Ebony and Smoke had both laid in the middle nest box that morning so this is obviously the current favourite. This time Marmite was out after about half an hour. I checked the nest box and had to smile. There was another tiny egg.

It was slightly bigger than the first one and this time it was egg shaped instead of round and smooth instead of having a calcium blob on it.

As a comparison I am showing her first egg again before the second egg.

Marmite’s first egg sat on a pound coin

Marmite’s second egg sat on a pound coin

And second egg next to a pound coin

And on an egg roller

Marmite’s second egg on the left, Smoke’s in the middle and Ebony’s egg on the right. So it’s a three egg day of sorts!

She has done well to lay two days running and I am imagining that they will get a bit bigger each day. Once again I am interested to see what the next one is like.

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4 Responses to Marmite’s second egg

  1. Sophie says:

    Getting a little bigger then!! I can’t believe how big Smoke’s eggs are – they’re not that much smaller than Ebony’s!! xx

  2. Carol says:

    Smoke is amazing. Large eggs and laying nearly every day. I have never had such a good serama layer. Marmite’s eggs are also the smallest I have ever seen. xx

  3. marion says:

    So tiny, do you still eat them?

    • Carol says:

      The first one I cracked to see what was inside so I have now thrown it away. The second one is in the fridge and I will keep it to compare with the next one. I think when we have a collection of them we will add them to some of the other eggs for breakfast. They are fine to eat just so tiny. I shall accrue them for a while and post later.

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