Chicken Christmas Presents

I am a bit late posting this because due to both lots of family being away before and during Christmas we hosted both Christmas dinners, celebrations and gift exchanging after Christmas. This then ran us into New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day before I had time to do this post.

I said in an earlier post that at that point I hadn’t had any chicken related Christmas gifts. That was to change and I received Chicken gifts from both lots of family. I loved my chicken gifts and our gifts have all been so thoughtful.

TheĀ  most unusual gift was a chicken stamp set from eldest son, wife and grandson. It has food grade ink so that I can stamp our eggs if I want to gift them but I like the idea of using it on stationary, envelopes, gift tags etc.

Eldest son asked me if I recognised the chicken and I wondered how I was supposed to recognise a breed of chicken from something so tiny although there was something familiar about it. It turned out it is the rusty chicken which is my avatar and also appears as the header on my blog.

I bought the rusty chicken when we were setting up the chicken run before we got our first chickens. It has remained outside the chicken run ever since and with the help of eldest son we used the image of it for my blog header and my avatar.

This is such a lovely personalised gift.

My stamp set

Rusty chicken stamp

Chicken prints

My avatar stamp

From youngest son and fiancee a note book with a great message on the front.

Note book

From son and daughter in law and grandchildren some kitchen items.

Oven glove and tile

We had lots of lovely gifts but this post is just to show the chicken related gifts. I never tire of chicken related gifts and they are all lovely. I am so lucky.

Edit – I missed one of the chicken gifts because I had put them away in our kitchen display cabinet with my collection of chicken egg cups.

Salt and pepper pot

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6 Responses to Chicken Christmas Presents

  1. Sophie says:

    Aw, love the chickens gifts!! xx

  2. Carol says:

    They are good, aren’t they! xx

  3. marion says:

    Very nice, I really like the salt and pepper pots.

  4. Carol says:

    It’s quite fitting that they are egg shaped. I love the stamp as it’s my avatar, which appears on my comments as well as my blog header. It’s also the symbol for my blog on my computer. It’s quite special to me. All lovely though.

  5. Amy Sanchez says:

    You scored. I love all of them.

  6. Carol says:

    They are great aren’t they! I am very lucky.

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