The snowdrops today

Yesterday and today the weather couldn’t be more different than it was on Sunday when we walked to the allotment. Sunday was very cold but with the sunshine and a clear blue sky it was a lovely day. Yesterday and today have been milder but have been dark and wet and gloomy starting with some fog this morning.

The good thing is that it has cleared all the snow and it has stayed above freezing overnight. This means I don’t have to worry about the chickens’ water freezing.

On the way up to the girls with the bedtime corn I noticed that the snowdrops had water droplets on them. It looked like ice and although I knew it wasn’t I couldn’t resist touching a water droplet with my finger. It was odd how the droplets were just on the snowdrops and not on any of the other plants.

Snowdrops with water droplets

The snowdrops looked quite beautiful.

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2 Responses to The snowdrops today

  1. marion says:

    They do look beautiful/

  2. Carol says:

    I have to say that I am quite pleased with that photo. Richard bought me this camera a few years ago for my birthday with advice from Steve and it is really good at showing detail with nothing clever from me. I have it on an automatic setting and just shoot. I wasn’t sure if the droplets would show but they do beautifully.

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