Up to date photos of the girls

There isn’t much news in the chicken run at the moment which is never a bad thing! So I thought that I would take some up to date photos.


Although Speckles had virtually finished her moult at the end of the summer she has been dropping single tail feathers for a while to reveal her new tail feathers underneath. She has just one tail feather left to drop, longer than the others a little loose.


Ebony’s feathers have changed slightly and developed pale tips. I think they may be the oldest feathers and will be moulted next year. Ebony doesn’t have the most attractive of chicken faces. She always looks quite fierce.

Flame back view

I struggled to get a photo of flame’s face as she kept turning away at the moment that I clicked.

Flame close up

But I managed to catch her here. She has an attractive face and beautiful plumage.


Dandelion is all feathered up again apart from a few pins on her head. She looks like a little ball.


Cinnamon is also feathered up apart from a few pins on her head.



Silky girls

It was more difficult taking separate photos of these girls as they are always together. All the girls have round eyes except Jasmine whose eyes are quite narrow. It sometimes makes her look a bit unhappy.


Smoke also has a few pins on her head. Smoke has quite a v in her comb compared to the other girls and her legs match her feather colour. Smoke is the best serama layer so far.


Vanilla has a red comb and face and looks like she should be laying but has shown no interest in the nest box so far. I had expected her to be among the first to lay and yet she is the last of the amigos to start.


Marmite is the second best serama layer, very close behind Smoke.


Spangle has the most magnificent tail of all the girls. She is third best serama layer.

Spangle front on

Spangle is so friendly and I couldn’t resist including this front on photo.


Salmon is so pretty. She laid one tiny egg, mid January, and hasn’t laid since or shown any interest in the nest box.

Salmon front on

Salmon is also a friendly girl.

I think the current flock is the most varied and pretty flock that we have had yet and they all get on really well. I have also been surprised by what good egg layers some of them are.

It will be interesting to see what the nest box antics will be like this summer with them all laying and also to see how many broody girls we have. I am looking forward to an interesting summer.

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8 Responses to Up to date photos of the girls

  1. Sophie says:

    You have a beautiful flock! xx

  2. Carol says:

    Thank you. I can only agree 🙂 xx

  3. marion says:

    Such good looking girls.

  4. d says:

    Really pretty girls.

  5. Carol says:

    I am biased of course but I have to agree.

  6. Amy Sanchez says:

    All sooooooo cute. I love your girls.

  7. Carol says:

    They are lovely aren’t they!

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