Progress on the allotment

The menfolk in our group have all been doing some work on the allotment. My husband, R, has been digging in the afternoons. T and D have been putting together raised beds from pallets and putting in posts to attach a net fence to for keeping the deer out.

T has bought raspberry canes and T and D have planted them and we have bought potatoes to start chitting.

Allotment with row of raspberry canes

The canes are small so difficult to see but there is a row which will be against the back fence.

All dug over and two raised beds in place

The two metal poles in between the raised beds will be for a gate. The duck boards stacked between the poles will provide a walk way.

A third raised bed and some wood to make a bench

There will be four raised beds with the next two in front of the existing two. In the background is the pile of weeds that R has dug out and the council will move it to the big heap with a digger/tractor.

A huge heap of compost has been delivered

The compost has been delivered for everyone to help themselves to.

Chitting potatoes

As my contribution I emptied the bags of potatoes on to paper lined trays and have put them in the front bedroom to finish chitting. I say finish as some have already started.

We have two trays of Red Fir Apple and four trays of Maris Peer.

We will take some of each potato for our own veg plot too. They were on offer as cheaper for two bags at a time and usually we need very little for our veg plot but the allotment plot is large so we bought the biggest amount we have ever bought. There is a total of two hundred potatoes.

It is all coming together very nicely. R is going to an allotment meeting at the pub tonight. It is a great project for us all and the menfolk are already dreaming of summer barbeques at the allotment.

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6 Responses to Progress on the allotment

  1. marion says:

    It is all coming on well, such a good idea, one person doing it is quite daunting, but all together a real interest for every one, plus lots of lovely fresh home grown veg.

  2. Carol says:

    That’s exactly it. Richard has really been enjoying it and likes being part of a group effort. He recons the plot will end up the best one on the allotments. It has given him a new interest and he likes the exercise and the social interaction and the sense of achievement.

  3. Amy Sanchez says:

    How fun. I started working out in my garden but now the rains have returned.

  4. Carol says:

    We had a week of unusually warm and sunny weather which really makes you want to be outside. It has now changed back to a more normal dull and wet weather. It was lovely while it lasted though.

  5. david says:

    Really taking shape – good to see.

  6. Carol says:

    It has changed more since these photos but I am waiting for it to be finished before my next photos. Not planted but just structurally finished. They guys have a put a net up and spray painted the metal poles with camouflage paint, plus shortened the gate posts. The very strong winds have blown down some of the netting so we are rethinking how to make it more secure. The fourth raised bed needs finishing too.

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