Vanilla’s first two eggs and our first, six egg, day

We were away for the day yesterday so I am just catching up.

Vanilla has finally got started with egg laying and has laid her first two eggs. They are a very distinct, torpedo, shape. I am not sure if that’s just because it’s her first eggs or if they will remain this shape. I suspect they will probably become more egg shaped as she lays more of them.

Eggs on the roller

For a size comparison there is Ebony’s egg on the far left followed by Flame’s egg. Next is Jasmine’s egg and then Smoke’s egg. On the right are the two eggs from Vanilla.

Vanilla and Smoke’s egg

It’s difficult to see the difference on the roller so this is a closer view of Vanilla’s egg on the left and Smoke’s egg on the right. They are the longest, narrowest, eggs yet.

Smoke was the first of the amigos to start laying in December which was when the amigos were about six months old. That would make Vanilla about nine months old which is quite a late start.

Only Sienna is yet to start and I would put her at about ten months old. Silky girls are slower to mature but Jasmine started laying two months ago so at about seven months. It just shows how different the girls can be.

Today has been our first, six egg, day as Smoke recently started laying again and Marmite started again today. Our first egg today was from Marmite followed by Ebony and then Flame. Smoke was next to lay followed by Spangle and then Jasmine.

The egg rollers are filling up. We have an abundance of lovely eggs.

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4 Responses to Vanilla’s first two eggs and our first, six egg, day

  1. marion says:

    Lucky you two, lots of lovely fresh eggs.

  2. Carol says:

    It’s lovely having loads of eggs. I am going to hard boil some for our lunch time sandwich today as we have plenty.

  3. Sophie says:

    Gosh, how lovely to have all those eggs!! 🙂 xx

  4. Carol says:

    It is amazing! xx

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